At Home in Our Community

The September/October issue of American Libraries Magazine features the 2019 Library Design Showcase. Whenever this issue is released, I say to myself “Watch out Pleasant Hill–our library will be featured on those pages one day.” The showcase issue is packed with examples of renovations and innovations, ways that communities prioritized, reimagined and showcased their beloved … Read more

Be Nimble

My best friend, whose daughter is also my son’s best friend (friblings, friend siblings, we call them), has been warning me for the last three months that her family will be moving away from Pleasant Hill, soon. That the details are constantly in flux does not stave the heartache I feel deep and low in … Read more


My son’s PreK class at Creative Play Center recently celebrated Career Week. During one of my co-oping shifts, his teacher read to the class from a book about different careers. In a classic teachable moment, Ms. Cory asked each of the co-opers (all moms that day) to tell the class what we do for work. … Read more


Pleasant Hill, we have an architect!! The announcement arrived in my inbox days ago that the City of Pleasant Hill has selected architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ)–whose team includes design firm Margaret Sullivan Studio (MSS), the “national leader in the visioning, programming, and interior design of public libraries of the future”, according to the … Read more

Moved To Tears

I made Patrick Remer cry. Actually, he made himself cry. I just happened to be sitting there listening. It happened during our conversation, just after the election, that meandered from back-seat storytelling to Measure K to iterative design, and came to land on the reality of a “post-election library”. I had just read an article … Read more

First Things

A New Chapter Begins for the City of Pleasant Hill and Our Community Library The Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library board endorses Yes on Measure K. Replace our aging library so it meets today’s health, safety, fire, and seismic codes. Repair and improve our sidewalks, city streets, bike paths, and storm drains. Reliable local funding with strong … Read more