Yes, and…

A couple of weeks ago, my son and I attended Pleasant Hill Library’s 11:15 AM Friday storytime with Patrick. This storytime is so popular that the library has to move it to a wide open space between a bank of computers and the young adult section to accommodate the crowd. On this particular Friday, Patrick … Read more

The Library’s Business

I recently read something in the Future Tense series–a collaboration between Slate, New America and Arizona State University (ASU) examining technology’s impact on our future–that made me sit up straight and issue a grave, “Oh. Huh.” The article is titled “What Will Libraries Look Like in 2100?” Near the article’s conclusion, Jim O’Donnell, a university … Read more

The Stakeholders

In a 2014 Slate article about the future of libraries, Michael Agresta said, “A library without books was once unthinkable. Now it seems almost inevitable.” The Atlantic recently tweeted an article by Adrienne LaFrance called “Keep the Library, Lose the Books”, in which she states: “Americans love the idea that they love libraries. A new Pew … Read more