Community Awards

Pleasant Hill Community Awards Night
Katherine Bracken and Patrick Remer at the annual Community Awards Night.

Annual Community Awards Night

January 29, 2015

Congratulations to our Library Commissioner Katherine Bracken on her Citizen of the Year Award at Pleasant Hill’s 44th Annual Community Awards Night!

A Pleasant Hill resident for 8 years, Katherine serves as the city’s Library Commissioner. She is also board member and Secretary for the Friends of the Library and the Pleasant Hill Community Foundation. Katherine has been very active in the PTAs at Strandwood Elementary and Pleasant Hill Middle School, where her two children attend. Her fundraising and advocacy for all these organizations have resulted in significant improvements in the Pleasant Hill learning community and its facilities. As a member of the new Library Task Force, Katherine works tirelessly to extend learning opportunities to future generations of Pleasant Hill residents.

Also, congratulations to our Library Manager Patrick Remer who was recognized with the Mayor’s Award!