Library Task Force Meeting Notes April 26, 2017

 Michael Harris, Pleasant Hill City Council
 Sue Noack, Pleasant Hill City Council
 Bill Bankert, PH Planning Commission
 Patrick Remer, PH Library
 Katherine Bracken, PH Library Commissioner
 Wendy Gollop, resident
 June Catalano, City Manager
 Steve Van Dorn, PH Chamber of Commerce
 Susan Weaver, Friends of the Library
 Terry Gerbracht, PH Resident
 Melinda Cervantes, County Librarian
 Allison McKee, Deputy County Librarian
 Andrew Murray, Assistant City Manager
 Martin Nelis, City staff
 Jim Kennedy, Consultant to Contra Costa County
 Sandy Bonato, PH Rec & Park District
 Dan Safran, Friends of the Library
 Lianne Marshall, City consultant
 Michelle Lacy, PH Rec & Park District, General Manager

Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Update on the agreement between Contra Costa County and the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District
Jim Kennedy provided the update. He stated that the two parties had reached an option agreement whereby the County would sell the current library site to the PH Rec & Park District. Michelle Lacy stated that the District was delighted that this agreement had been reached. The agreement states that the District would allow the library to continue to operate after the sale of the property. The District must exercise its option (purchase the property) by December 31, 2019.
Mr. Kennedy stated that the County would now be working with the City to transfer a portion of the vacant site at 1700 Oak Park Blvd for the new community library. Any development of the sites would also incorporate improvements to Monticello Avenue and Oak Park Blvd.
Mayor Harris stated that considerable progress has been made since the Task Force was formed three years ago. With the passage of Measure K and the agreement between the Park District and County, the stage is now set for the City to move forward with the design and construction of the new library.

Update on the Schedule for Library Architectural & Design Services
City Manager June Catalano announced that the RFP for Architectural & Design Services has been issued (on April 18th). The City has also hired a project manager, Lianne Marshall, to assist with this process. Ms. Marshall explained that the RFP was sent to 30 architects; that a bidders’ conference is scheduled for May 8th, and proposals are due on June 5th. The City is expecting to interview the finalists the week of June 26th. The plan is to have final selection of the architect by early fall.
City Manager Catalano stated that there would be multiple workshops as part of the community engagement process during the design phase for the new library. In response to a question, she also mentioned that one of the key criteria in selection of the architect would be their ability and past experience in conducting public workshops and engagement with the public.

Other Business
Susan Weaver asked about the future role of the Library Task Force. Mayor Harris stated that the three subcommittees had effectively completed their roles in helping to determine the need for and feasibility of building a new library; and building community support for that, as evidenced by the passage of Measure K. He stated that additional fundraising would be needed for furnishings and fixtures, and suggested that this this is possibly where the Task Force could focus its attention going forward.

Future meeting date
The Task Force agreed to set the next meeting date at a later time.