Results of the Revenue Measure Feasibility Survey

Meeting Date: May 9, 2016
Large Community Room, Pleasant Hill City Hall, 100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
 Michael Harris, Pleasant Hill City Council
 Sue Noack, Pleasant Hill City Council
 Bill Bankert, Planning Commission
 Sandra Bonato, PH Rec & Park District
 Sherry Sterrett, PH Rec & Park District
 Jack Prosek, Pleasant Hill Library Fund
 Patrick Remer, PH Library
 Katherine Bracken, PH Library Commissioner
 Kim Brandt, Resident
 Wendy Gollop, resident
 Michelle LaFontone, resident
 Norman VanHole, Resident
 Kim Brandt, Resident
 June Catalano, City Manager
 Danielle Habr, City staff
 Martin Nelis, City staff

Public Comment
Kim Brandt asked for an update on the negotiations between the County, PH Rec & Park District and City of Pleasant Hill.

Presentation by Girl Scouts Troop 33354 (Strandwood Elementary) regarding ideas for a new library
Girl Scouts Troop from Strandwood Elementary presented their ideas for a new library which included:
 A proposed roof-top garden
 Motion sensor lights on book stacks and shelving so that energy is only consumed when
users are present
 Use discarded plastic, bottles etc to make recycled art
 Use glass curtain walls with mesh inserted between double glass panes to reduce heat and
 Use recycled carpet tiles to eliminate need to replace entire carpet with wear and tear

Presentation on “Imagining a New Pleasant Hill Library” by Independent Study Students
Horizons independent study students presented several design videos for a new library with the following themes and concepts:

 Youth see that libraries of the future will continue to have a blend of print books and computers/tech
 The aesthetic experience of libraries should reflect the imaginative power of programs & collections (as represented by glass domes, extravagant staircases, balconies)
 Fun, secret staff space emphasizes the playful and deep relationships that youth have with librarians
 Green expansive outdoor spaces
 Rooms to read and explore are balanced by rooms to create own content

Discussion regarding the results of the Revenue Measure Feasibility Survey conducted by Godbe Research
Mayor Noack presented the findings of the Revenue Measure Feasibility Survey which was conducted in late March/early April among 427 likely Pleasant Hill voters in November 2016 election. The results indicated that 85% of respondents were pleased with the job that the City was doing to provide services. 70% supported a possible sales tax measure in November 2016 and identified the following five issues as their top priorities which would lead them to support such a measure:
 Fixing potholes and repairing neighborhood streets (77% in favor)
 Maintaining neighborhood police patrols (74%)
 Maintaining storm drains (71%)
 Repairing and maintaining sidewalks (70%); and
 Providing a library that meets current health, safety, fire and seismic standards (67%)

Reports from Sub-committees
There were no substantive reports from any subcommittees.

Future meeting date
The Task Force agreed to meet again at 11:00 a.m. on June 6, 2016.