Task Force’s Outreach Efforts

The PH Library Task Force met on August 10th.  Items discussed included the following:

The County reported that they were negotiating with the Dahlin Group of Pleasanton to provide Planning Consultant services as part of their proposed land sale.  Jim Kennedy, the County’s Project Manager, reaffirmed his earlier statement that the land sale process would actually accelerate the likely completion date for a new PH Library building.

There was a photo presentation of a tour that a small group made to relatively new Libraries in El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Suisun.  The purpose of theses tours, including the earlier ones, is to learn what they did well and what we should avoid.

Patrick, manager of the Pleasant Hill Library presented his plans to develop compelling library videos based on the theme “Libraries as Metaphors”.

Susan, chair of the Outreach Committee, distributed a plan for Community Outreach & made a pitch for the Task Force subcommittee to align themselves with the Friends of the Pleasant Hill Library to take the lead in support of their efforts.

Lisa, from Supervisor Mitchoff’s office, reported that the update of the Deferred Maintenance Study for the existing PH Library / County Admin. complex had been received.

Both the Needs / Site and the Funds subcommittees have been relatively inactive – they will meet before the next full Task Force meeting scheduled for October 13th.