Task Force Approves Multiple Sites to Build New Library

In March 2014, the City Council established the Pleasant Hill Library Task Force to explore the need for and feasibility of constructing a new community library building serving the residents of Pleasant Hill. The Task Force is comprised of eleven members each representing various organizations, including the City Council, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, County Library, Rec & Park District, Friends of the Library and others.

Over the past year, the Task Force explored multiple site options for a new library, examined the various components that are essential for a modern library facility, discussed possible funding mechanisms to build and maintain a new facility, and has conducted public outreach to the community through a survey and the website page at www.pleasanthillca.org/library.

At its meeting in March 2015, the Task Force approved a recommendation to the City Council to build the new facility on either the current library site or on the vacant County-owned parcel on the other side of Monticello Avenue from the current library. The City Council subsequently endorsed this proposal.

The two parcels mentioned above are both owned by Contra Costa County. As an integral part of the Task Force, the County is working with the City to create a development plan for both of these parcels incorporating a new library facility. This process will require a number of City actions, as well as detailed analysis on the best possible use of the sites, incorporating the new library. It is anticipated that the creation of the development plan may take up to two years to complete.

Once the development plan has been approved by the City Council, the County will seek one or more developers to implement the plan. The desire of the Task Force and City Council is that any future development of these parcels will include most or all of the cost to build the new library facility.